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New factory ceremony in April 26
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Good news !   
All these years, we stick to the simple concept: Internal -creating value for Enterprise and Employees. External -creating value for customers, suppliers and society as a whole. And it makes our factory very stable and keeps growing.   
April 26, 2012, we will move into our brand new factory, in the same time, our company will be appointed to the executive member of the council of Baoan E-commercial association (Shenzhen City). Our new factory it’s twofold size of the old one.  There will be more machines, more employees. Our production capacity will be much stronger then. It’s brand-new beginning for us. All our employees , customers and partners can benefit from our growing for sure. Without the continued support from our regular clients and partners, we cannot grow so fast.  
Here, sincerely, we would like to thank all our ,customers and partners.And we do wish you can give us more support as usual.   There will be big ceremony in April 26. Here we sincerely invite you to join the celebration !
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